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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I add my organisation to the Directory?

There are 9.4 million disabled people in England (census 2011) and many of them need to use services specifically designed for their requirements. The Directory is promoted nationally and is the only on line Directory that includes all services, organisations, businesses (we haven’t found any others yet) that offer services specially for disabled and older people and services that are accessible or beneficial to disabled people.

Your organisation can offer a service to anyone but if it is accessible/beneficial to disabled people then your listing will be approved for added.

Is there a charge to add my organisation?

No, it is totally free for any organisations to add their listing. We will even promote your organisation through our News page, if you have a special offer or a new service, let us know and we will shout about it!

There are no other organisations in my area, why is that?

The Directory was started in Derby by Disability Direct; it was originally a local directory and included services only in Derby and Nottingham. We have recently gone national and are working with ULOs (User Led Organisations) across the country to promote it to both customers and organisations. As with all things new, it takes time to find its feet, so if there are no other organisations, why not be the first one on the Directory!

Why do I have to wait for approval before my listing is added?

The Directory is only for organisations who offer services accessible to disabled people, older people and carers, so we need to check every listing before we approve it.

I’m a hairdresser, can I add my business?

Yes, if you offer home visits or if your premises is accessible (ramps, lowered sinks, hearing loop etc). Your service doesn’t have to be specifically for disabled people, just accessible or beneficial to disabled people. We have dogs walkers, gardeners, decorators etc on our original Derby listings. We even accept bars and restaurants if they are accessible and make extra efforts for people with impairments if required.

What is CredAbility?

CredAbility is a quality assurance scheme run by Nimbus Disability. To find out more about the CredAble quality mark, go to