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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I do a search?

You can search by categories from the home page or Directory Search page if you are unsure what you are looking for. The categories break down into sub categories for example if you select Performing Arts it will take you to a page with all organisations who have selected performing arts as a category. You can then narrow down you search by selecting a sub category, in this case the sub categories are: Drama, Dance, Music/Sing, Music/Instruments and Magic. You will then need to type in the area you live to find the organisations who are local to you.


I know what I want to search for, how do I do this?
If you know what you want to look for simply type it into ‘Search Entries by Keywords’ and then type the town, city or county in which you live in the ‘City’ search box. For example if you choose pottery in Derby, one listing will appear below.

There is nothing in my area.

The directory was started by a charity in Derby and has been running locally for over 5 years so the majority of listings are in Derby and Nottingham. It has very recently gone national and we are working very hard to promote it to organisations across the country, so if you can’t find anything in your area, please bear with us and check back soon.

The service I want to access no longer exists.

The listings on the directory are the responsibility of the organisations themselves. We remind people on a regular basis to update their listing and if we know an organisation has closed, we will remove the listing ourselves. If you know of a service or organisation who are no longer trading, please let us know.

I used a service I found on the directory and they weren’t very good, why do you not check before you allow organisations to list on the Directory.

We cannot physically check every organisation who lists on the Directory apart from those accredited by CredAbility (see below for further information). We do however approve all listings to make sure the service is appropriate for disabled customers.
We allow customers to make their own choices, this is why the feedback is so important. If you have a good or bad experience with any of the services, please rate them and let other people using the Directory know.

What is CredAbility?

CredAbility is a national quality assurance scheme run by Nimbus Disability. Organisations who are members of Cred have gone through a series of checks to ensure they are offering a quality service to disabled people. Unlike many other quality marks, CredAbility relies on customer feedback and if people are unhappy with a service then the quality mark will be taken off the organisation. If you want to know more about CredAbility,

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Can I add an organisation I use to the Directory?

No, the responsibility of adding a listing lies with the organisation as the listing needs to be updated regularly as services, staff, contact details etc can change frequently. If you know of an organisation who offers a great service to disabled or older people, please let them know about the Directory.