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Positive Turnaround CIC

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Positive Turnaround CIC


  • Health
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  • Nottingham
  • Nottinghamshire


34 Robinson Road
Nottingham NG3 6BB
United Kingdom
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0771 248 5936


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The Work of Byron Katie is a new approach to improving peoples health and well-being here in the UK (although already well received and respected in the USA and other countries). It aims to develop a new way of delivering health or social care services at local and national level by offering training to individuals into ways they can identify; question and turn around stressful thoughts. In this way The Work has the potential to make a large impact on improving public health generally by delivering better health outcomes and improving long term care by reducing stress. By requesting this service you will be inviting an authorised and qualified facilitator into your home to demonstrate how you can do The Work yourself; in other words, identify stressful & limiting thoughts yourself; question those stressful thoughts by asking 4 simple questions; to then ask yourself to identify 3 or more Turnarounds to those stressful thoughts; finally to give your own examples of how those turnarounds may be true now or in the past. Anybody who is regularly stressed may benefit from this service which is offered free of charge or on a donate what you can basis. After a few practice sessions with your facilitator, when stressed, you will be able to do The Work on your own or you may contact the facilitator in your home for another visit or ask for facilitation on your computer (via Skype). Eventually, as you become more confident in the approach, your stressful periods should decrease and your quality of life improve immeasurably. Anybody who is regularly stressed may benefit from this service.People can request a free visit by telephone (0771 248 5936) or email ( service is free or on a 'donate what you can' basis.

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