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We manufacture an award winning manual propulsion system for manual wheelchairs. The product attaches in seconds to any normal manual wheelchair and then enables users to propel themselves with greater ease using a pair of levers rather than pushing directly on the rims. The unique feature of the product is that it is extremely lightweight, slim line and can be added and removed from the chair at the users discretion to suit their lifestyle pattern. The user can therefore apply it for the particular part of their day during which they require assistance, for example going to their local shops, supermarket, or around a park. NuDrive gives up to a 2:1 mechanical advantage, meaning that the user only needs to apply half the strength to propel their wheelchair, making ramps, hills, carpets etc much easier, ultimately giving them more independence.The product is manufactured in our UK workshop and is made to order. As a result of this there is a four week waiting time for our product.The price of our product is £1749.99

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