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Education & Training

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Derby Choice

  • Creative Arts
  • Education and Training
  • Domestic, Home Maintenance and Gardening
  • Personal Budget/ILF/Direct Payment Support

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  • Derby


Unit 4 Burley House
Rowditch Place
Derby DE22 3LR
United Kingdom
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Phone Number

07864 225627

Details of Organisation and Service

Derby Choice is an independent network of micro support providers (small, personal and flexible organisations) delivering social care support and activities that promote wellbeing to Derby citizens.

Whatever you are looking to achieve, our providers offer lots of choice so that you can meet your outcomes in ways that particularly suit you.  This might be through support with personal care, cleaning, shopping or getting out and about but it could also be through sports, a range or creative activities, or supporting you to get a job or do a course.

Whether you have a Personal Budget or pay for the support yourself, think about what you would like to do and see which of our providers could help.  Derby Choice brings a diverse range of micros together so that our web site can be a one-stop-shop for the more personal and creative options you could be looking for.

As micros we may be small but we are skilled in what we do and you can review all our credentials on our individual provider pages.  Being small, we can get to know you and those around you well.  We will work closely with you to tailor support to your likes, dislikes, circumstances and needs.  We will support you to maximise what you can do for yourself and we can offer consistency of support, whilst remaining flexible to fit in with you and your lifestyle.

Prices are variable- each organisation within the Derby Choice network will quote you their own prices.

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