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Welcome to the Do What You Want Directory, the one-stop-shop of services for disabled and older people.

Do What You Want is a directory of services where  you will find hundreds of organisations that provide activities, equipment, home support, advice, hobbies and sports for disabled and older people. From horse riding to home help, creative writing to boccia, you’ll find them all right there.

We don’t think disability should be a barrier

Living with an impairment can be challenging and sometimes it feels as though society is determined to make things even tougher for us. Do What You Want is committed to breaking down these barriers. By working with local businesses we are raising awareness of the needs of disabled people, older people and carers.

So next time you plan your social calendar don’t let society dictate what you can and can’t do. With a helping hand from us surprise them all and surprise yourself too…

Browse through the categories below or use the handy search tool to find what you want to do. And don’t forget to rate the service you’ve used so that everyone else knows if it works for you.

Happy searching!